eWAY Assets


Automate asset tracking and management with our easy-to-use Asset Management..!

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Hold all asset information within reach


Everything you need to take control of your assets.

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eWAY Assets Benefits

Keep tabs on your assets from purchase to disposal..

Hold all asset information within reach

Make tracking infinitely easier. Store every conceivable piece of information about your asset—whether it's a laptop, mobile, vehicle or any machine, software version, hardware type, or a license's vendor—right within the app.

Know the whereabouts of your assets at all times.

Stay in the know of who the assets are loaned to, where they are, and for how long they'll be held, with live updates. Scan with a barcode and get all the information related to asset in a single page..!

Review asset demands at a glance.

Know which assets are in demand, with charts that display how much of each operating system, software, and hardware has been installed. Place orders for the assets based on this analysis, and cut costs for your company.

eWAY Assets

Why Work with Us?

  • Track Location

  • Asset Count

  • Total Asset Value

  • Asset Expiry

  • Asset Waranty

  • Barcode Prining


  • Hold all asset information

  • Track your Asset in one go

  • Decision suppport

  • cut costs for your company

  • Informed client interaction

  • Mobilizing call reports

eWAY Assets features to enhance your service delivery


Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage and track all your assets in a single view from anywhere, through all phases – be it procurement, maintenance, depreciation, or disposal. Get a timeline of all events at a glance in your web based help desk solution.

Asset Auto-discovery

Identify all the assets in your organization using the Discovery tools that automatically scan and map for all hardware and software and periodically update the asset information as well.
  • Hardware Management

    Know exactly where your assets are and when they’re due back. This is made even easier with our label tracking capabilities - using Barcodes. You can also run actionable reports on custodianship, maintenance status, and more. Improved asset visibility ensures no money is lost on missing, stolen, or misplaced assets.

  • Access your data anytime, anywhere

    All data is securely stored in the cloud. This means you can access your business information from any device, anywhere.

  • Notifications

    App notifications and SMS can be used to update end users and managers about status of various events or transactions.

  • Software Management

    Our automated agent-based discovery captures in-depth information about your IT asset landscape. Instantly populate your account with system and hardware details, schedule periodic audits, and simplify IT asset processing across the board. You can also use our license tracking features to lower costs and redundancies.

  • Go Mobile

    With the app supported on all mobile platforms, manage your assets and view reports on the go.

  • Integrator

    eWAY Assets offers a set of tools that enable you to integrate with any back-end ERPs.

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eWAY Assets digitally transforms the asset tracking.

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