About us

We use a standard approach with advanced practices and technologies that...

Form the foundations of future software-reliant systems Deliver solutions to the industrial, banking, retail, production, manufacturing, trading, automobile etc. companies Work on functional specification of software solutions Process redesign Work on definition of technological architectures

We create sophisticated Business Solutions that help companies Adapt and Compete.

Optimum Service, We believe in one thing – something that’s unique to us – and that’s the power of us. We have the scale and resources of a global powerhouse. Also the speed, creativity and agility of a fresh new start-up.

We address the challenges presented when systems must deliver critical capabilities without compromising timing, functionality, or coordination. Our research focuses on enabling development of high-confidence and on adapting mobile devices to best serve operations in resource-constrained, unstable environments. Systems that rely on software are evolving in ways that present developers and acquirers with ever-increasing challenges.

Netway accelerates innovation in the areas of development, acquisition and sustainment to achieve competitive advantage in current and future systems by assuring quality, timeliness, trust and affordability. As custom software experts, everything we do at Netway has efficiency, effectiveness and added value in mind. That’s why we specialise in offering a customised solution to every client. We know how important it is to get the right result. The one you want.

The goal of Netway is to produce and transition to practice methods, technical solutions and services that measurably improve software-reliant systems, ensuring that critical mission capabilities are achieved in a predictable, affordable, and sustainable way. Netway work applies across a range of system types including autonomous, data-intensive, adaptive, cyber-physical and mobile.